Pipe Debonder

“I purchased the medium (4”-6”) tool and it has worked perfectly on several occasions. After constantly seeing the need for the smaller (1/2” to 4”) unit I placed the order and am looking forward to adding it to our arsenal of tools. I hope to order more units in the future and would like to outfit all of our trucks with this convenient tool.”
Robert Nelson, Plumbing Supervisor, Snell Services



For 4″ to 12″ Plastic Pipe

The Large Gas DEBONDER represents a breakthrough in pipe extraction technology. Based on feedback from the field and the need to debond larger pipe, the team at Debonding Systems developed a NEW technology based on propane to unglue pipe up to 12″. The Large DEBONDER now provides a powerful way to work with larger pipe sizes and realize significant savings and reduction on labor.

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Small & Mid-Sized DEBONDERSSmall (3/4″ to 3″) & Mid-sized
(4″ to 6″) DEBONDERS

The small and mid-sized DEBONDERS, powered by electricity, simplify plastic pipe repairs. These DEBONDERS are ideal for a multitude of repairs or installation mistakes. Limited access often makes it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to fix leaks or makes repairs by replacing fittings. These DEBONDERS allow for ungluing and extracting the broken pipe, which saves significant time along with allowing the re-use of the fittings, valves, manfolds, etc.

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