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The Large Gas DEBONDER represents a breakthrough in pipe extraction technology. Previously, the largest pipe the DEBONDER could unglue was 6″. Based on feedback from the field and the desirability of being able to debond larger pipe, the team at Debonding Systems developed an innovative technology based on propane to debond pipe up to 12″. The Large DEBONDER now provides a powerful way to work with larger pipe sizes and realize significant savings and reduction on labor.


The Large Pipe Debonder

Product Overview & Benefits

Unglue & Extract Any PVC, CPVC or ABS Pipe from 4” to 12” (Schedule 20, 40, 80)

PIPE DEBONDER offers a whole new way of approaching PVC, CPVC and ABS related breaks and leaks in both new installation and service situations. Rather than cutting out fittings and manifolds, the PIPE DEBONDER’s patented technology enables you to extract the old pipe fragment and re-use the fitting, thus saving time and money.

The Large Pipe DEBONDER Significantly Reduces Costs, Labor & Down Time on Many Pipe Repairs

Re-use Fittings – Re-use any fittings that can cost $$$!
One Man Crew Needed – Repairs take half the time or less
Reduces Down Time – Get operations online sooner
Solve Emergency Repairs FAST
IT’S GREEN – Recycle fittings & require fewer new parts

Pipe Types, Sizes, Schedules



Sizes: 4″ – 12″ (also 4″ ABS)

Schedules: 20, 40, 80

Industries & Applications


  • Bottling – Wine, Beer, Water, Soda, Juice
  • Irrigation – Burial or Above Ground
  • Golf Courses & Agriculture
  • HVAC – Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • Water Parks – pools, slides, boilers, rivers.
  • Water Treatment – DI, RO, Desalination, Distilled, Ultra Filtration
  • Oil and Gas – Salt Water Disposal
  • Fish Hatcheries – Processing
  • Water Delivery – Municipalities, Parks
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Education – Tech Schools, Unions -Train newest repair technology -Re-use fittings for students
  • Salvage Bone Yards – Valves & Flanges
  • Propane Power
    The unit is powered by propane. This provides a powerful source for the heating unit. The heat is tightly managed by the controller unit
  • Control Panel for easy pre-programmed selection
    The control panel “ON” key activates the unit. Select the type, schedule and the size of the pipe. Then press “START” to start the cycle. It’s that simple.
  • Two Heads
    The Large Gas DEBONDER features two heads to accommodate smaller sizes from 4″ to 6″ and the large head which handles larger sizes from 8″ to 12″
  • Patented Extraction Tool & Process
    Remove the softened broken pipe with a simple twist of the wrist. The unique tool enables you to break the cement bond between the fitting and the outer pipe wall. It then works like a tire iron enabling the worker to apply pressure and twist the piece of broken pipe thus removing it from the fitting.
  • Protective Heat Shield
    The heat shield protects you as you as use DEBONDER.

What's Included


  • Two DEBONDER Heads
  • Controller which has all of the settings programmed into it
  • Control unit houses propane bottle, battery and electronics
  • Propane hose
  • Rapid 24 V Battery Charger
  • Large extraction tool
  • Operation Manual
  • Custom carrying case – Very durable and flight ready




Ordering Information


Large DEBONDERS can be ordered online or at resellers nationwide. They are also available for rent at preferred dealer centers. Below is the basic pricing information. Click on the links to order online or click HERE for a list of rental centers.

Large DEBONDER Kit – $6,399

Call 1-866-961-8349 to find a distributor or order online: