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Large DEBONDER Software Updates


This update covers all variations of the Large Gas (LPG) Debonder. To load this firmware into your device, please follow these instructions:

  1. Cick on the download file button below and save the zipped file to your desktop.
  2. The downloaded file, “”, contains the update firmware for your Gas Debonder(s). This update covers all variations of the Gas (LPG) Debonder.
  3. To load this firmware into your device, please follow these instructions:
  4. Place the attached .zip file into a clean, empty new folder (directory) on your hard drive. (a newly created folder on your desktop will work fine)
  5. Open the .zip file and Extract all its contents into that same directory.
  6. <!> Warning: The propane bottle should always be disconnected from the Debonder, when not performing a debonding operation. <!>
  7. Turn OFF the Debonder’s control power (you can even disconnect the battery pack, as the USB cable will power the controller during update.)
  8. Connect your Debonder device to your PC’s USB port (requires a standard Type A/B USB cable). The Debonder’s USB port is on the right side of the control panel enclosure.
  9. At this time, you should see one small square on the Debonder’s display. This square indicates the USB cable is connected at both ends.
  10. Run the “BLProT_4550_v3_2_1_1.exe” PC program you just extracted.
  11. Click menu item Program | Program to program your new firmware into your device.
  12. A series of messages and progress bars will be seen.
  13. When Update Programming is complete, click [OK].
  14. Next you will be asked if you want to run your program, click [Cancel].
  15. You may now Exit from the BLProT_4550_v3_2_1_1.exe PC program.
  16. Disconnect the USB cable and reconnect the battery pack.
  17. Your new firmware update is ready for use!

Download Software Upgrade

If you have any problems, please contact Debonding Systems technical support.

Last Firmware Upgrade – 8-15-14