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Four Benefits to Ungluing Pipe

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Sometimes we get questions from potential customers, or just people interested in the plumbing industry, what the benefits are of the Pipe Debonder.

The bottom line is that we believe that we provide the plastic pipe industry with unique tools to save significant money for any repair to glued pipe systems.

The primary and most significant benefit is the reduction in down time.  For the worst repair requiring at most, couplings, and at least, no fittings at all, the normal down time from arriving on the job to system back on line is usually cut by 65 percent for 3” to 6” pipe, cut by 80 percent for large pipe, and cut by 50 percent for small pipe.  Most of our customers charge less to unglue pipe than they do for normal replacement of fittings repairs, but some actually charge more because the customer always gets back on line within two hours. We all know there’s a value in speedy repairs!

We have never heard of a customer going to another plumber for being overcharged because he can unglue joints.

The second benefit is the labor savings.  Shorter down time also equates to less labor required.

The third benefit is the savings in fittings and valves that are not replaced.  Naturally, the larger the pipe, the more is saved.

A fourth benefit is a cleaner job. Rather than clog up a piping system with couplings every time a break occurs, debonding both ends of a pipe run allows a repair to be made where the repair is not evident and the pipe system is as clean as the original installation.

One customer recently wrote to tell us that the Debonder is the greatest plumbing tool ever created. While we certainly realize there are a lot of great tools on the market, we’re honored to provide tools that help customers save time, money, and frustration.

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