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How to Remove Broken Pipe in Threaded Fitting or Valve

broken threaded pipe

When a pipe breaks into a threaded fitting or valve, it can sometimes be removed by using a hammer and screwdriver to try to unscrew the broken piece of male pipe from the female threads. This can be time consuming and frequently scars the threads causing the fitting to leak or to be unusable.

A clever way to solve this condition is to use the same technique plumbers use for broken glued plastic pipe joints: they unglue the socket joints and save the fitting or valve. Using a Pipe Debonder, the broken threaded pipe can be softened sufficiently to allow the pipe to be pushed away from the fitting threads without damaging them.

Using the extraction tool included with a Pipe Debonder, the broken pipe is very quickly and easily removed from the valve or fitting such that a new piece of pipe can be immediately threaded into place. If the other end of the broken pipe is glued, that joint can also be unglued and the repair can be made in such a way that the repair cannot be seen and no couplings are required.

Have you ever had to remove broken pipe from a threaded fitting?

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