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Technology in Plumbing


What plumbing contractor would work without a cell phone in today’s marketplace? There are many technology enhancements contractors use daily such as computerized invoicing, email quotes, and text messaging to customers regarding status of installations and repairs.

There is new technology that can have a big effect on productivity and that is the ability to unglue plastic pipe joints in order to make repairs quickly and not having to go back to the store for fittings.

Consider a break above ground between a tee and a valve where there is ample space to put in 3 couplings and replace the tee. Now imagine being able to cut the pipe at the tee and at the valve and then unglue both of those joints. Installing a new piece of pipe into the original valve and original tee can be done in less than 20 minutes, depending on the size pipe. It requires no fittings andno trips to town for parts if you don’t have enough couplings, valves, or tees on your truck. Your customer is back up and running in a half hour and generally is willing to pay premium for the reduced down time. You get the job done without parts, in less time, and charge the same, and sometimes more, than if you replaced the fitting.

Technology gives you a distinct advantage over your competition that cannot unglue pipe. Your customers know you can get them back up much faster than other plumbing contractors and they start thinking of never calling anyone else but you for their repairs. Adding a high technology tool, your Pipe Debonder, to your capability pays for itself every year many times over, but the biggest advantage to you is the increased revenue and profits your business earns because of the new capability you added using new technology.

Most users save enough money on the first 2 jobs to pay for the Pipe Debonder. They cost $899 with free shipping for ½” to 3” pipe sizes. Patented technology, made in America.

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