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Future Plumbers Love the Debonder

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Plumbers need to know the latest in technology so they can enter the field prepared to save their customers, and their businesses or employers, time and money.

When a vocational school in Massachusetts received its new Debonder, the plumbing teacher and the students weren’t exactly sure what to expect. It became clear pretty quickly that the tool would be a hit. The instructor told us,

This is the best plumbing tool I’ve ever been able to teach students to use.  It saves the school a ton of money because we can reuse fittings. The students love using it in class and are excited to get out in the field and use this tool. It gives them a great opportunity to learn new innovative technology. It’s really cool. Once the machine warms up, which only takes a couple of minutes, we can keep that thing hot and working for us all day. We’re really happy with this Debonder.

Have you tried a Debonder yet?


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