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A Water Park Wonder

A Water Park Wonder

Several years ago we were approached by Jeff Sheets, manager of a well known local water park. Silverwood Theme Park and its associated water park called Boulder Beach, attracts thousands each summer. As manager of Boulder Beach, Jeff must maintain thousands of feet of PVC pipe, a myriad of fittings and valves, a number of large pumps, etc. Jeff had heard about our product and was interested in acquiring our Small Debonder  to assist them with an upgrade they were planning during their off season. I was confident that the Pipe Debonder would prove its worth. I was surprised and gratified by Jeff’s very positive experience which he recounts below…

We purchased the Debonder to perform a large Boiler re-plumb for the Water Park. We had 22, 2½ inch CPVC tru-union check valves in the system. The cost to replace these valves would have been over $6600.00. By purchasing the Debonder and reusing the valves, we paid for the Debonder, many times over.

Out of 22 valves we reused 22.

Since this purchase, we have used the Debonder all over both parks, and at our Waste Water Treatment plant.

Everyone wants to borrow it, all the time.

We purchased the small rechargeable system, and then, after trying the product, purchased the larger battery system as well.

We are able to do small one time, on site repairs as well as large multi connection repairs with ease.

It is a great product and I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to save time and money on PVC and CPVC repairs.

Jeff’s story underlies the powerful potential cost benefits of The Pipe Debonder.

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