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Pipe Repair with NO Fittings


From the discharge of a pump to a tee which splits the flow in two directions where the break occurs between the tee and the shut off valve on that leg of the piping system, if the broken pipe can be separated by 6 inches using unions or other features, the debonder may be used to unglue both  the tee and the valve where a short piece of pipe is re-glued and the repair is not evident where it cannot be determined there ever was a break there.  This is important when clean piping systems are desired and the use of couplings at every connection to a manifold occupy a lot of space and look messy.  They also create more opportunities for additional leaks.

If the piping system consisted of only one tee and two glued valves, the replacement of a broken pipe requires one tee, two valves, and 3 couplings  –  14 glue joints total.  Ungluing the broken piece allows the reuse of the tee and both valves and requires no couplings and only re-gluing two joints.  And the piping stays tidy and neat.

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