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Story of Debonder and Its History

Story of Debonder and Its History

Necessity is the mother of invention. In 2003 we began to develop the DEBONDER product. It all started in a field where a man was trying to fix some irrigation pipe that he drove over with his tractor and broke. He scratched his head because he didn’t have the parts there and he needed to get things up and running right away. “I wonder if that broken piece could be removed?” Well it was worth a trial and some crude tests produced some very good results. He found that PVC pipe, if heated, could be removed with sufficient force and the right kind of tool.

From that discovery an invention was born. At the time I was leading Tate Technology, the company I founded which specializes in Electronics and PCB assembly. We were brought on board to help design and engineer the early DEBONDERS. A couple of years later we had developed the first generation product called “Come Unglued.”

That year we went to the annual trade show of the International Irrigation Association to introduce the product. The reception of the product exceeded our wildest dreams. The Pipe DEBONDER received the new product of the year award. So many were amazed and excited about the breakthrough technology of debonding plastic pipe. To this day, my passion is to get the word out about this amazing and useful technology. We anticipate releasing larger sizes up to 30″ in the future using the same technology.

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